#1 The red scale monster is split ground one by 2 people is vacillating von gdshutter 15.03.2023 11:06

The claw blade of benefit claw, imitates a Buddha four handle benefit knife at the same time sting, respectively cover to hope that the Hong gets generally and that white elder.
Red scale monster this rushes toward and rush toward five greatest superiors all the earthquake fly to go out and recruit a hoping of benefit claw attack that the Hong gets generally and white among them the elder hope more miserably grew a knife earthquake to fly in the Hong hand, the better arm is wrung into broken bits more, the blood splashes, and white a left leg of the elder be also grasped ground to split to open.
"Get away!""Roll!"
Other 3 people all sent out violent attack, that black elder while being rushed toward to fly to go out, fiercely a sword stabs on that scales and shell, regrettable, have no some crack.
The Teng green mountain and that silver deliver old'Wang Yun'2 people, but all sent out like forty an attack!
"Bomb!"The transmigration of soul gun of Teng green mountain, takes an air that changes people's color irritating to the ear roar and shout a voice, hit toward the red scale of monster.BE willing soon run into a red scale monster for an instant, the power in a twinkling surges!
But that silver hair old'Wang Yun'fight knife in the hand, tear to pieces vast sky, fiercely split on the body of red scale monster.
The red scale monster sends out a roaring of ache voice, the huge body is beaten vacillating.
Teng green mountain and silver deliver the old'Wang Yun'of attack, all make him get hurt.
"Good boy."The silver hair the old glimpses a Teng green mountain, the side person leaves far and plus a Teng green mountain that recruiting is in the last power with the strongest explosion.Time is the shortest, the person of distance cans not discover, also has no that eyesight at all to judge a gun powers much greatly, but this silver hair the old but can judge.
"World, the day after tomorrow in the strong, this Teng green mountain most at least can before arranging 20."The dark way in the silver hair old heart.
The red scale monster is split ground one by 2 people is vacillating.
Teng green mountain, silver hair the old is rushed toward by that of impact dint, plus anti- earthquake dint, earthquake ground dynasty the lake coast fly.
In 5 people whom this is rushed toward to fly, Teng green mountain, silver hair the old, black elders all have preparation, lending anti- earthquake dint completely can fly to magma lake coast.
But white elder with hope Hong miserably, they aren't and far severely woundeds, pour to fly toward near the bank direction, only flew, will downwards fall to.
"Old white!"The black elder is sad and shrill to shout a way, the white elder that can helplessly looking at to break a leg, have no dint to struggle, finally drop into magma, the combustion rises one regiment flame!
"Get adult generally!"Lake in the magma lake closes coast green wait a group of person surprised shout.
"Get generally!"The Teng green mountain is also facial expression a change.
The white elder hopes a same circumstance of Hong miserably mess!
"Am I about to die so?"Hope the Hong pours to fly to downwards fall to, he basically has no idea, even in hope that the Hongs all feel a burst of and very hot from behind carry on the back to spread.
"Get generally!"Is a greatly drink to resound through is hoping a Hong ear side.
Hope the Hong turns a head to see.
Sees a gun shadow split and imitate a Buddha to beat a sand bag, this gun shadow's taking out a dozen is hoping the belly of Hong-
The hoping Hong is whole the individual is taken out throw to fly, had been flying till the magma lake in the distance coast.Treat fall on the ground, hope that the Hong cans not consider of joy, he is shocked to looking at magma of the Teng green mountain of lake:"Green mountain!"
"Green mountain!"That pass is green to also be getting more shocked.
Lake in the magma lake coast, many people stare at that Teng green mountain.There is the shocked, have admire of, also is pleasure ……
The Teng green mountain took out to hope Hong for a while, the whole individual is subjected to anti- earthquake dint, the opposite side slowly flies toward the black big rock direction again.
This anti- earthquake dint is obviously not enough, the Teng green mountain is being apart from black big rock to still have three Zhangs to be apart from position, will downwards fall to, under but that intensely hot magma!
"Green mountain!"Teng the green tiger Be anxious to shout a way.
"All all adult!"
Black A soldier non-commissioned officers are anxious to shout a way.
Teng green mountain fiercely on turning round, the noodles immediately smiles to fiercely start to brandish a transmigration of soul gun toward the black big rock direction, directly with a downward exposure square magma be a hit!

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