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At present, this black fire works properly a fruit to hide place and knows for his one person.
"Hum, I don't tell others and stare at every day, this black fire's working properly a fruit was mine!Although my real strenght is bad, even if Duo however that red scale monster, most at least, I still edible to there black fire to work properly a root, when the time comes, I was also top-grade Wu Zhe."That Jing loses a man very satisfied.
But his facial expression suddenly changed, he the Zheng Zheng looking at a group of persons in the distance, that for the hand of head hold a pole to grow the black dress man of gun is staring at him.

Chapter 60 underground
This Jing thin man a see the other party attire, the facial expression greatly changes:"BE return the person of a dollar religion!"
At present in the flame mountain under the foot of a hill a few person's horses of big religious sects is all same to attire and recognize very easily and meet person's horse of these big religious sects, the common force will choose to avoid to let.
"I now descend go, affirmation is held tight by them, I am this real strenght, could not escape to return grasping of a dollar religion to catch!Have no other ways!"Jing once the thin man face upward, on grinding teeth, then grasp rattan Man to quickly and with an upward exposure climb, he is after all also a martial, climbing the speed is very quick.
If he with a downward exposure jumps, affirmation is held tight.
Under the dynasty rattan Man of escape in cave?The other party gets into cave, will also soon catch up.
With an upward exposure climb, if the speed is quick, climb to the precipice crest of this low short precipice wall first, there is also hope.
The Teng green mountain stands under the foot of a hill and face upward to looking at that precipice wall top to quickly climb of Jing thin man.
"Is all all, don't we make track for?"There are some anxious ways in the Du Hong.
Teng green mountain but was thin to smile to pick up two pieces of ground pebbles from the ground, and then looking at to climb to steep place above, have no rattan Man to grasp to cause the Jing of climbing the difficulties thin man.At will of on throwing a pebble in hand, the pebble imitated Buddha meteor to quickly once row vast sky and accurately hit at that Jing lose the better arm of man up.
"!"That Jing is thin the man hold tight rocky right hand not from Panasonic, pain call 1.
Is whole to lose a center of gravity, not from with a downward exposure fall.
This foot is more than ten Zhangs high, if is to with a downward exposure jump, the type of the most leg bone bone fracture of.But, this Jing is thin the man is to lose a center of gravity, backward Yang write with a downward exposure fall to go, being top-grade Wu Zhes will be lived to fall dead.
The Teng green mountain turns to make a burst of breeze and face that to imitate Buddha shell similar from the next human body of Gao Kong Za, a stretch hand-
More than ten Zhang that is the foot to contain or so 40 meterses, the equal to Teng green mountain is more than ten several-storied building Gao in the previous incarnation world.So Gao falls off, that impact dint is top-grade Wu Zhe if by hand answer, estimate that the arms will break.Sees a Teng green mountain right hand unload to pound at dint for nine cents on giving, on unloading on that Jing thin person, then accepts hand just as you please the Jing being thin man to fall bottom.
Unload to pound at dint for nine centses, this Jing is thin the man fall on the ground to just feel chest one Zhi, don't suffer from severely wounded.
In fact that impact dint, Teng green mountain completely can the single arm Be hard to answer, can if the Teng green mountain is hard to answer, Teng green mountain oneself Be all right, that Jing thin man estimate meeting drive live an earthquake dead, can be waited soft means with this.
"I know that the black fire works properly a fruit secret, he saves me now and estimates to is to don't know the circumstance of cave inside and wants to make me lead the way once they find out a black fire fruit!Affirmation wants to kill me to kill, they absolutely can't make me freely leave, and they want to monopolize black fire to work properly a fruit!"The Jing thin man isn't a fool, also an old river's lake.
Understand anyone discovers that the black fire works properly the reaction of fruit, is a to himself!
Fall on the ground of he, abrupt however on waving hand, the close quarter is only together cold the sting to the chest of Teng green mountain, once immediately whole personal hands support, Sou of a , will the dynasty distance dash away.

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