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Probably personal MARK with still not equal to combat real strenght of leaf autumn, but if compare to start to put together an idea to read dint of deep, afraid is in addition to boundary a few old deathless guys in sky, it are opponent of leaf autumns to also really have no several individuals.
Obtained the power of weapon, the leaf autumn read to drive for the intention it to keep getting rid of but go into.Fly knife anything that vanishes of fly toward MARK to, the target keeps stabbing his eyes.This is just also MARK the attack part of leaf autumn, the circumstance transposes to come over now, his nature can't passes up the opportunity of revenge, either.
Tell the truth, the leaf autumn really calls not get:Jin spacious Wei man.Is contrary, if the other people humiliated him, he could remember a lifetime, until the opportunity to find out revenges to avenge even the interest also takes back to come just let it go at that behind.
The member of sea vulture brigade sees fly knife to attackstone their captain fens and throw the weapon of going out they, want and fly the knife to that handle to shot down.Also someone's weapon but is fly toward the leaf autumn to, be all guarded an autumn at the leaf Be nearby small to give away foolishly 11 dozenses to drop on the ground.
The RK dark wears a face, the Jing dead hopeless situation stares at to let the leaf whom oneself is embarrassed for autumn, but the in the mind is to feel matchless of shocking.
"This boy can from from hand rob to control success, so what Class is his real strenght ?
Say more even a little bit profound than ten great difference organization squad ground leader real strenght?The past had never once heard to have so No.1 person."
The autumn of the leaf has small white to protect.Pour not afraid other people can harm their they as well.See the sea vulture squad ground persons all want to shot down he or she's ground to fly knife.The in the mind has cajolery center of earth to think.
Suddenly mind a move.Fly knife to a ground of ten greatest remarkable talents thin Ni gram the fire ground Feng king of the Si flew past.
Those sea vulture member which dare to use violence a machine again to hit pass by?Thus ground words.Will let thin Ni gram does the fire ground person of the Si mistake that he or she wants to challenge how to do?
They have to a ground to stop.Eyes catch to fly a knife ground line vestige.Keep it from taking advantage o a person inattention to come to suddenly assault.
When the member of team of the sea vulture squad ground give up a shot dozen to fly knife.The autumn of the leaf will fly knife along the nine greatest remarkable talents organization ground gathering ground the top of head flew 1 turn.Again suddenly accelerate.The speed strange quick degree wily rushed at a sea vulture ground captain MARK.
One act that sees this dramatic, all some public time however absolute being come.
Just captain MARK of sea vulture brigade still manipulates to fly knife person to make track for a ground of dying to live to come of, how turned an eye object to transpose to come over and become a leaf to manipulate to fly a knife beginning to start to drive out MARK for autumn now?
World the remarkable talent captain of first superpower drive to make track for to kill so distressly, a few remarkable talents of the other organizing an in the mind doesn't have no interest disaster joy disaster ground viewpoint.
At ordinary times MARK battle's wearing oneself is the remarkable talent captain of the United States is to person one-upmanship felling.And, he always likes to beat lending of impressive-looking preaches other people and be like he say today that the small white doesn't know humanitarianism spirit.
Other remarkable talent organization captain mostly heart Gao Qi Ao's generation, how probably would like to accept blaming of MAR?
So, under the sistuation that don't involve a benefits, no one would like to become private good friend with MARK.
When the autumn of the leaf drove out to fly knife, was making track for to kill rise.Suddenly, the circular object in a silver white to flew knife to inherit to come over.
Silvery object and fly knife to bump shot together, the double double drops into on the ground.Side person this just sees pure, it is a coin to just shot down a leaf to fly the thing of knife for autumn.
If other persons break their own good matter autumns to say to prohibit and speak a few lines cool criticism.But make moves this time the ground is a Feng king, leaf autumn also can calmly accept.Anyway, he be still and Feng the king stand on the same front.The two parties negotiated to like military alliance to grow decisive time and still kept needing his ground to support strongly.

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