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The telephone bell ring of leaf autumn is sharp ground of to ring out, lie to rest a little in sitting chair of western door to east also to noisy awake, crumpled to crumple a face, the facial expression lookinging at a leaf for autumn considers is be not again what problem.
"Oh, you camed and then knew.Hurry son.That person disliked too much.I forgot to take a gun today, otherwise I don't beat to explode his head can not."The angry ground of Lin Bao Er says.
Leaf autumn a head of sweat, the in the mind cuts and polishes to hurriedly think a way give° the gun and come back.Otherwise put in this little witch's hand, don't know to when have who encountered poison hand.
"Go.I arrive right away.Is in the company?"The autumn of the leaf asks a way.
"It is a ground.Know an address?At empress big way."
"Know."The autumn of the leaf says.
"Go to an empress big way."The autumn of the leaf has no and west door to east the company measure, direct to front ground driver order way.
" What matter?"The west door asks a way to the east.
"Suffered some injustices winter night."The autumn of the leaf is cold face to say.
West door to east painfully groaned a , exactly again is it that unlucky ghost that doesn't so not grow eyes?
Although everyone didn't say clearly, everyone's hasing a little bit the persons of intelligence quotient can see the ground come out, the Ran is an autumn ground woman of leaf winter night.
But west understand that pass toward the east an autumn to the leaf in the door, know that he protects Du son most .Oneself especially woman, is also would not like to they suffer a just a tiny bit injustice.Before take charge of empty diagram not to know to proceed from what purpose pursue Ran winter night, the leaf autumn directly goes up with department empty diagram hard crest.
And leaf the autumn and Lin Bao Er living a ground of matter in Shenzhen, west door to east also from there of the line report inside know of clear.Of so make an affair so greatly, lead a city the officialdom heavy earthquake of one province is even.Not just because did someone flirt his woman?
West door to east simultaneously guess who is that unlucky guy, simultaneously in mind observe a moment of silence for him.
The show biz is that hides dirt of ground, few someones can Jie body from like.The generation feeling of those early years saint Lin Feng be free from a pollution for the sake of protection own two woman, Chen Man Ge, and Tang Jia Yis and specially set up an amusement company to conduct them.
The Ran stars completed wish for the sake of the younger sister and also registered a name to be called a company of amusement in Hong Kong.Before, China voice signs to pack Ran winter night an entertainer.Afterwards, the company expands large-scale, start signing an inside of circle some old men who have been already become famous and have the New appointees of potential.Now the company scale of China voice also in the middle of flying and soon extending.Along with Ran the album sell well and become annual New appointee winter night, the fame of China voice amusement also the ship rises with the tide boost popularity in harbor set and Southeast Asia.
Empress big way, sky all mansion.
The autumn of the leaf and west door gets off to 2 people of east and defend in the mansion where register, and is made a phone call by them company confirm after, two talented persons entered elevator to rush through to the 29th floors.
The company scale of China voice amusement still doesn't calculate small, there are several offices that connect together, also have the recording the equipments and an indoor studio.Exactly occupied a B the greater half layer of the 29th floors building.
A few girl's sons have already waited for a leaf in the company doorway autumn and west the door is eastward to arrive, also have general manager MAICHE of company to also stand beside wait for.Although what person what doing not know will arrive is, the little princesses of company all come out accolade in person, his nature has no steady sit the truth of office.
The another entertainer doesn't know Ran the identity winter night, doesn't he still know?
"The autumn of the leaf is all that the treasure son is confused.Make her don't want to make a phone call, she still secretly beat.In fact nothing important matter."The Ran is pretty, be dressed in black full dress that uses to a label to sell to use today winter night, this time and then at outside set wear one is equally short style of to practice moral culture of black western dress small coat.Is fine cultured, clearly gorgeous pressing.The Ran in nowadays more and more has star manner winter night, that kind of the atmosphere of the every act and move make people admit defeat very easily.
"Is exactly a son what is the row?"The autumn of the leaf looking at Lin Bao Er and asks a way.

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