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Wang Fu Dong's madam seems to is also Chen?And, according to the survey, the madam Wang's father original also calls Chen satisfied.The shell corporation legal representative Chen who nameds ten thousand benefits is satisfied to is exactly also madam Wang's own father."
"Ever since from this January, this registration funds then and continuously procure underneath high-quality real estate of the Tang and thing industry for 5,000,000 companies, the price lowly makes people touch eyes shocking.But ten thousand benefit companies carry on these high-quality real estate and thing industry to sell and earning a large amount of price difference of other.Does Wang Fu Dong also want to say this matter you are over to know nothing feeling?"
"I originally had no knowledge.Unexpectedly they will deceive I do this kind of is greatly negative the affair of way don't come out."The one face of Wang Hou Hua indignantly says."I suggest to report to the police, all be involved personnels to all grasp to review Xun."
What Tang Guo agreed with orders and says:"I also agree with to report to the police, does the business case investigate the comrade of section just to wait for outside the door.However, I also need to reveal to Wang Fu Dong in advance a some small detail, your son's rich brocade king also involves inside in the bargain of this company, and we still just ten thousand benefit companies in find out Mr. rich brocade king's personally sign."
If Wang Hou Hua encounters a thunder, holdout consciousness in the body is taken out to leave a while clean, the very soft Tan is soft in sitting chair.
Oneself clearly repeats order, son and wife don't want to participate in the business of ten thousand benefit companies, why don't they still listen to advise?
If he the terrible result that knows this affairs, if the business survey section investigates true, oneself and sons all probably need to serve prison term.
Wang Jia thoroughly doomed.
This time, again many of money also nothing important use.
"Still have what to want to say?"Tang Guo looking at the upset face of Wang Hou Hua and smiles to ask a way.
The one face of Wang Hou Hua is benumbed, no longer reply just self-confident elegant appearance on the face.
Tang Guo to after death of Mary say:"Call in them and come in."
Mary goes out in quick time and turns an eye and comes in and after death follows the staff member of a group of in western dress and leather shoeses, from they the brand before the chest up can see out, they is exactly big religion business case survey section of staff member.
"Mr. Wang Ren, we doubt that you betray a company benefits, is engaged in illegal business activity, please return to accept a survey with us."
"Mr. Wang Hou Hua, we doubt that you betray a company benefits, illegally is engaged in business activity, please make a trip with us."
At the same time drive business survey the section please walk of still have the other the two important Wang Pai key figures, they also or many or little some crime activities that participated in Wang Hou Hua.
Struggle this time, Wang Hou Hua falls from power, Wang Pai thoroughly disappears from last the Tang's power satge.
Suddenly, applause in the board room is like thunder.
First is a Ministry of Finance minister the party set up east to applause, immediately after other persons also all warmly summon up Zhang.
Tang Guo's performance is really to rob an eye too much today, they have reason to send the applause of this applause to them to youngly lead the way a person.
Tang Guo knew his/her own performance conquest all present key figures, with full intention happy, but didn't express on the face, wave hand to signal hint everyone to stop an applause, say with a smile:"Now, I am honored very much of introduce an old friend for everyone.I think that everyone sees him will be definitely very happy."
Finish saying, the front door of board room opens, the leaf autumn pushes full face pleased spirit of Tang Bu Yi walked to come in.
"Long time no see, everyone still remembers my this good friend?"Tang Bu Yi smiles and present and public beat hello.
These people are that one face is astounded, then a faced toward Tang Bu Yi in quick times first past.
"President, did you recover from illness?"
"Old president, were you all right?This matter that is when?"
"President, you come back good.Extravagant what she did is very good----"
Those follow Tang Bu Yi all the way the hard working walk and hold hands a few old men who beat the worlds hold Tang Bu Yi's hand, tearful.
The gold inside of hotel dragon that the Tang's bottom governs, the Tang's group key figures have a happy reunion 1.Tang Bu Yi and those for a long time the end meet of the old subordinate chat very hotly, ever and anon have the laughter of great Lang to spread to come over.

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