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This summer, our family traveled to Guilin, Guangxi. On the morning of August 2nd, I participated in a thrilling experience game called "Adventure Tree" at Seven Star Park in Guilin, which is still vividly remembered to this day. "Adventure Tree" is an adventure project carried out on the tree. It connects the tree into a line with various obstacles. Players need to cross all obstacles by climbing, sliding, swimming, striding, jumping, flying, etc ,reach destination. Throughout the sport, high-altitude, speed, strength, perseverance and other elements necessary for outdoor adventures are brought together. I chose the most thrilling "blue line" item. This game is about walking a tightrope between branches. For me with a little fear of heights, this is tantamount to going to the sky Marlboro Lights. Before the game started, the staff trained us on a short platform, let us learn to fasten the safety buckle Marlboro Cigarettes, walk the tightrope, hang the tightrope, and land safely. I could n��t help revealing an arrogant personality, screaming: ��It ��s too simple, I will definitely win.�� The ��Adventure Tree�� game started, I rushed first and climbed from a ladder to a platform on a trunk , Ready to walk a tightrope. I used the safety buckle on the belt to buckle on the wire above my head. After passing this level easily, I climbed higher and higher and the difficulty of the level increased. I lowered my head to the next Look, I found myself standing on the top of a tree with three floors. In front of me, there was a single-deck bridge with a 45-degree incline. Under the bridge was a small river more than ten meters wide. My legs shook and I shouted, "I'm not going to play anymore." And the staff are no longer in my sight, watching the other children around me surpass me one by one. When I looked back, the road I just came over could not go back. I just slid down the roots from the treetops, and I didn't have the skill. what should I do? I endured the tears in my eyes and thought: "I'm out." I first carefully buckled the pulley on the zipline, grasped the sling next to my hands, and took a step by step, trembling step by step. Unconsciously, I passed the single-tree bridge, and I couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief to celebrate my cowardice. However, I was wrong, and there was a ropeway that could not see my head. God! How should I go back today? However, with the experience and courage of the Dug Bridge just now, I am more calm this time. After buckling the pulley, I inspected it carefully several times. As soon as my eyes closed and my legs kicked Cigarettes For Sale, I left the standing platform. The wind blew on my face, and after a few seconds, I opened my eyes slightly and found myself sliding in the air. So exciting! I returned to a small platform on a tree trunk with a skillful stance, and after standing firm, I could already see the figures of my parents through the gap between the leaves. It turned out that the end of the "Blue Line" was approaching. I accelerated the speed and marched towards the end. At the end, I pounced on my mother and learned a sentence from the landing of Shenzhou IX astronaut Liu Wang in 2012: "It feels good to be down to earth!" Make everyone laugh. This "adventure tree" game is really exciting I will always be hard
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